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Our Mission Statement:

We insist that our customers are satisfied with every aspect of our work, and we take the steps necessary to ensure

absolute Satisfaction.

It is not one or two items that make up a great product: it is the Total Package. We deliver what we say we can do.

When it comes to customer service and the finished product, we settle only for A+ grade.

Our customers expect the Best Product that can be made today, and we continuously work to produce a better product tomorrow.

We are Enthusiastic about the projects our clients entrust to us.

Our customers feel confident in us. To build that confidence, we are committed to being Reliable and to meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

Satisfaction    Total package   A+    Best product    Enthusiastic     Reliable


Staber Industries, Inc. is a family-owned and

operated company with a long history of innovation.

For thousands of families and businesses over the last 34 years, Staber Industries has been the

embodiment of quality and creativity in customer service. James Staber, the founder of the

company, was in the business of re-manufacturing traditional agitator washing machines. As he

rebuilt the machines, he kept thinking, “There has to be a better way.” Soon the imaginative and

innovative Staber had built a team that created and patented a top-loading, tumble-action washing

machine. Since then, people have praised the full line of Staber Industries' unique products and

services. With a dedication to keeping the customer happy, Staber remains the only American-made

line of high-quality residential and commercial laundry machines, continuing the legacy of

innovation in our everyday lives.


One example of this in action is Staber Industries' Industrial Drying Cabinet.

The Staber team discovered that firefighters have a unique need: quick-drying,

energy-efficient methods of keeping their equipment in safe, healthy,

serviceable order. When a firefighter returns from a run, he/she must

have the protective clothing ready to go again rapidly. Tumble dryers were

too stressful on the fabrics, compromising safety. Giant fans blowing cold air

across the hanging equipment were too slow and drove energy costs up. Even

“economical” air-drying could lead to mold formation and often a firefighter

would have to wear still-damp gear on the next run. . . .


Realizing that they could provide a “better way” to dry, the Staber team

created their Industrial Drying Cabinet. It may look like an ordinary white

cupboard, but the impact it has already had on the firefighting and mining

industries is extraordinary. It has drying racks on which to hang soaking wet

jackets, gloves, boots and other safety equipment. Once the doors close on

the “magic” cabinet warm air circulates vigorously around the items. In

less time than other traditional methods, the articles are dry and ready for

service. The gear lasts longer, retains its protective function, and keeping it

that way won't break the department budget.


This is just one example of the value that Staber provides to its customers. Bill Staber, the second-generation leader of this family-operated all-American business, is proud that they can produce simple machines that are customized to a specific market. “By keeping our business focused, we can always respond and adapt quickly to the unique customer need,” he stated. “It may not be the sexiest story on the street, but the testimonials we receive show how much our high quality products are appreciated.”


Without a doubt, Staber Industries embraces the traditional values of excellence, discipline, and skilled workmanship. This probably stems from the fact that, for the employees, Staber feels like a second family. “When you all work together toward a common end,” Bill Staber emphasized, “you develop a sense of common pride in the product that you make. We treat each other with respect, and each person makes a valuable contribution. We are all exceptionally proud of what we do.” This attitude is undoubtedly why most of Staber's employees have been with the company over 20 years. Creativity, innovation, service, respect. These qualities add up to a company that has taken vision and made it a reality for two generations. They are the values that Staber Industries will carry with them into the next era of manufacturing solutions.





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