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                                                The Staber Drying Cabinet is an innovative and multifaceted appliance                                                                                                                                                                                  



Not only does it gently dry clothing, shoes, boots, tools, firefighting equipment and sporting goods, but it also can be used for eliminating bedbugs and other pests without using chemicals!

It performs this function by using heat treatment.

Bed linens, comforters, bed spreads, blankets, draperies and suitcases, may be placed inside the cabinet which easily heats to 150 degrees F.  113 - 120 degrees F is the reported temperature needed to eliminate bedbugs.

Adult bedbugs and their eggs can be eliminated within approximately 30 minutes at 150 degrees F in the Staber Drying Cabinet.

Other uses for the Staber Drying Cabinet:

  • Used by Princeton University for eliminating moisture content in powdered chemicals
  • It is being utilized by many firehouses to dry equipment after fighting a fire (Industrial Size Model - See "Fire Service" tab)
  • Useful as a towel warmer for home or in a spa setting
  • Utilize the cabinet as a blanket warmer

The Staber Drying Cabinet is a very unique product that will be a new concept to the U.S.  This new high-end product would be an alternative to a conventional clothes dryer, and is simply a different way to dry laundry.  It operates like an accelerated clothesline, circulating air throughout the cabinet.  You can put anything in it at the same time (winter boots and heavy jackets), and use it for delicate items or things you do not want to shrink.  The drying cabinet uses a 1,200 W heating element, using just 2.8 kWh for a standard load.  In comparison, traditional tumble dryers commonly use a 4,000 W heating element.  The life expectancy for the drying cabinet is around 15 years, and there is very little maintenance if it is ever required.  Drying cabinets are a common way to dry laundry in Scandinavian countries, and they are used in addition to traditional tumble dryers.


  • To be used in addition to a conventional dryer; it is simply a different way to dry laundry
  • Less wear and tear on clothing because of no tumbling
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Lower operating temperature; increases life expectancy of clothing
  • All kinds of clothing can be dried simultaneously, e.g. shirts on hangers together with sport equipment and boots
  • Life expectancy of 15 years; minimal maintenance due to simple design
  • Quiet operation, which makes it suitable in both houses, apartments and places of business
  • Provides an energy-efficient drying process, and minimizes the amount of air to be evacuated
  • Thermostat controlled, adjustable from room temperature up to around 150 degrees F
  • Allows quick folding when removing clothes
  • Eliminates bedbugs and other pests


The Staber Drying Cabinet is available in residential size for the home and industrial size for businesses.  Information for the industrial size drying cabinet may be found on the "Fire Service" page on this site.


DIMENSIONS - RESIDENTIAL MODEL                                           DIMENSIONS - INDUSTRIAL MODEL                                                     

67 1/2" tall x 23 1/2" wide x 24 1/4" deep                                  72" tall x 31" deep x 55" wide  (See Fire Service tab on this site)      


Residential model drying cabinet features pull-out and foldable shelves that allow you to hang dry or flat dry your clothing.  The cabinet also provides the option of reversible door swing. 


Price:  $1,099.00

You may also add an optional shoe rack which sits at the bottom of the drying cabinet and is perfect for drying up to 6 pairs of shoes and boots.

Price:  $69.00


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