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Attention Sports Enthusiasts:

Staber Industries is pleased to announce that we have completed the design and development of our latest line of products; all focused on helping motorcycle enthusiasts, skiers, hunters and outdoors sportsmen/women dry wet gear in a hurry!


In particular, the Staber Residential Drying Cabinet can be part of a process that  cleans and dries your garments, without the shrinkage or damage that a tumble dryer may cause.  It also dries hours faster than simply hanging it out to air dry.



 Less wear and tear because of no tumbling

 Reduces or eliminates shrinkage

 Lower operating temperatures; increases life expectancy of garments & gear

 Quiet operation,  which makes it suitable for homes,  apartments and resort rooms

 Thermostat controlled, adjustable from room temperature to 150˚ F

 Also great for camping, hunting and ski equipment

A must for drying motorcycle leathers

Contact us to discuss how Staber Industries can help you expand your customer base with the RDC:

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